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Education Fund

The Education Fund is broken down into two Programs: the Scholarship Program and the Mentorship Program.

The Scholarship Program provides participants with financial aid to educational institutions. The program in September 2009 when TAP administered its first scholarship to two Facilitator-in-Training (FIT) Program graduates: Shaneil Orr and Jo-Dean Tapper. Both girls completed their Bachelor of Arts diploma program at the Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston, Jamaica in November of 2013. As of August 2014, Shaneil and Jo-Dean are both currently employed teachers at an arts school in Mandeville, Jamaica. They are also both co-founders of TAP Jamaica, and sit on the Board of Directors. 

TAP has provided over 15 participants financial support in school tuition, uniform, and examination fees.

TAP hopes to offer more post-secondary scholarships to its participants in the future in order to give back to communities in need and facilitate long-term growth. 

The Mentorship Program allows participants to gain real job experience throughout the program which supplements their participation in daily arts workshops. Participants shadow TAP volunteers in areas where they wish to eventually obtain a career. TAP’s first Mentorship Program participant, Shemaine Hamilton, shadowed TAP’s President as an Administrative Assistant and assisted with program registration, scheduling, logistics and budget during the 2009 project. Shemaine became the Co-Project Coordinator for the TAP Jamaica Project in 2012. She is a co-founder of TAP Jamaica, and currently sits on the Board of Directors. From 2011-2013, five youth participated in the Mentorship Program, with experiences as Chef and Photographer. 

"I definitely and positively know that TAP is where my heart and soul is right now. I see so much things happening for TAP and that we can come together as a team to I think I owe it to myself and all the other kids out there like myself to just continue making TAP a lifelong project...and know that the sky is the limit for the team."

- Jo-Dean Tapper
Bachelor of Arts (2013)


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TAP firmly believes in the power of education. In order to foster participants' talents and passions, TAP has created the Education Fund. Click here to learn more...