TAP gave me a chance to learn, grow and develop. My learning opportunities came from the various persons that I have come in contact withat the camp over the years. Everyone was so willing and eager to teach, and I made sure to soak it all up. One of the bonuses of this camp is the wide range of cultural diversity that was evidently present, for me it was like travelling to various parts of the world, and being immersed in a multiplicity of cultures while being under one roof. This was very helpful to me, as I became more well-rounded and culturally aware as I ventured out into life. Also, it pushed me to want to learn more about my culture, so that I could be fluent in passing on the knowledge of my culture if and when I was called upon to do so.


I grew, from the knowledge which I acquired from the program. I grew as an individual, an artist, as well as leader. TAP teaches each and every one of us to be ourselves and be exceptionally proud of who we are. Being a part of the TAP family we shared various moments together; moments of success, triumph and also failure all of which helped us to grow stronger as a unit as we have continued to support each other, forming lifelong bonds. As an artist I was able be given the  tools I needed to develop my artistry as TAP members went above and beyond to ensure that we had all the tools e needed to cultivate our art. Through the various workshops and talent shows, I grew fonder of the Arts (all disciplines included especially Theatre), so when I was given the opportunity to further this knowledge with the Education scholarship which I received, I accepted it graciously and went on to excel in it, because it was truly what I loved. In addition, I saw myself grow and become more confident in myself, with this increased confidence I was better able to express myself and share my voice with everyone else.

Finally, TAP developed in me a passion to be an advocate for the Arts. I see myself as a leader who is an inspiration to both my
peers and the young and upcoming members of TAP. Hence, that is why
myself and my fellow “TAPers”, who have also gown and developed from the success of this program, want to create a medium for others to share some pf the opportunities we got. We aspire to expound on what TAP taught us, and develop it with our own flare and style and based on the needs we see in our fellow young people today, while standing by our Mission, Visions and Values 100%. Currently, we are a developing establishment, but I have no doubt that as we move from strength to strength one step at a time, we will be better able to make it a reality.


I was involved in TAP in 2007 and I still think of the youth and my colleagues often. I learned to step outside of myself to see others. I learned that education really IS everything and learned how to lead by example. This experience made me a better person and I have taken this experience of teaching and made it my career. For the past 5 years I’ve been teaching in low socioeconomic areas of Australia and being able to share the one love Jamaica taught me is the best job I could have asked for. I take every opportunity that I can to share my love for the arts, education and the respect of everyone in the community of humanity.