Saturday March 31, 2012  
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What's On TAP?

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raised over $600 for TAP! Thank you to all of the volunteers, performers and supporters of the event!

What is TAP?

Turn Around Projects of the Arts (TAP) is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to create and maintain integrated arts projects, which promote reciprocal exchange in order to impact and strengthen communities. At the root of TAP's conviction is the firm belief that the arts are essential to human development and provide unique opportunities to engage, question and confront issues and relationships in our world. To date, TAP has executed seven successful programs in four countries (Jamaica, Japan, Canada, India) with over 600 participants from around the world.

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Click Here to Donate
TAP firmly believes in the power of education. In order to foster participants' talents and passions, TAP has created the Education Fund. Click here to learn more...

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